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PhysioLife Blitzes Your Pain, Melts Your Fat, and Accelerates Your Injury Recovery

In a world where pushing pills as the go-to fix for everything from chronic pain to the slightest discomfort, PhysioLife stands defiant. It’s the secret they’ve been keeping from you, a beacon in the fog of pain killer dependency. . It’s important to recognize that it’s not your fault if you are caught in this cycle; the system is designed to perpetuate reliance on quick, temporary fixes. PhysioLife rips away the veil, offering natural, powerful alternatives to break free from the chains of pain. It’s not just about healing; it’s about reclaiming your control and power.

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Meet Your Physiolife Doctors

At PhysioLife, we understand that pain and injury are not just physical ailments; they are emotional and psychological battles. The stress, frustration, and despair that accompany chronic pain or long-term injuries can be just as debilitating as the physical symptoms. That’s why our approach goes beyond the surface, diving deep into the psychological dynamics that play a crucial role in your healing journey.

Dr. John Marsh DC

DC, Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

Athletic pastimes: Weight training, scuba diving, pilates, mountain biking

Dr. Kelly Glynn PhD

Pain Control Specialist

Sports Physiologist, Physiotherapist

Athletic pastimes: surfing, swimming, Kung Fu, rock climber, body builder, mountaineer

Dr. Julian Wells PhD, DPT

Physiotherapist, Certified Sports Massage Therapist, Clinical Rehab Physical Therapy

Athletic pastimes: basketball, tennis, golf